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Experience means reassurance

When you instruct a lawyer you want to know that your interests are in safe hands. You want to be confident that you will get the best outcome achievable for you.

With any complex legal matter comes uncertainty. And with uncertainty comes risk. Risk requires expertise, which requires experience.

You don’t always get this reassurance at larger law firms. There, sometimes work is delegated to juniors who don’t always have the personal experience to deal with your situation.

You might not have faced a scenario before, but you want to know that your adviser has the track record to guide you safely through.

How can you obtain the reassurance that the lawyer handling your case has the insight you need?

At Seymour Law, you get this reassurance from knowing that your case will be led by a partner with a track record. However complex the matter, your partner will have the experience to deal with it. This means that you get the reassurance that the right outcome will be delivered.

Experience equals efficiency

You want the right outcome but also at a reasonable cost, from lawyers that care. The result of an experienced, partner led, approach is that we can take unnecessary costs out of the legal process and share this saving with you. We believe that this is fair.

At too many law firms your case is viewed as just a transaction counting towards a billing target.

At Seymour, our approach is more than a commitment to client care, it’s because we value our long-term client relationships. We want you to come back and instruct us again. We also want you to introduce others and refer work because your experience was a positive one.

We believe that a partner led approach means you pay a fair price. Our experience enables us to help get you to where you want to get to quicker and without clocking up unnecessary hours by delegating work.

You might find lawyers who claim to offer cheaper hourly rates – but do they provide a value? What does it cost you if your case isn’t handled as effectively? At Seymour, our pricing is fair and transparent which means that you will understand what you are paying for, and there will be no surprises.

Our experience provides you with more than reassurance that you get good advice, it also means that you pay a fair price.

Experience you trust to get the right outcome

Lawyers at Seymour have experience in both contentious and non-contentious matters.

In trust matters, our partners have acted for trustees, beneficiaries and other parties. We also regularly act in areas such as wills and probate disputes and matters of mental capacity.

In employment matters, our lawyers have experience of acting for both employers and departing senior executive employees.

In construction matters we understand the process and act for large construction companies, professionals and property owners.

The firm also has deep insight into all aspects of the law relating to competition and regulatory matters.

In addition to all of this experience, no one will fight harder to get the right outcome for you.

The experience that comes with having a partner led approach will give you confidence that you have chosen the right advisers.



“Mark has “a deep understanding of Jersey trust law with strong practical abilities as a determined litigator. He gives sound advice that looks to the whole of the client’s needs and follows through on it” – Chambers & Partners''
Chambers & Partners